In the spirit of Halloween and the end of midterms, Middleton Library threw it’s seventh annual Frankenfaire today. 

Middleton’s Frankenfaire is an event that started in 2012 to help students destress and organize after a hectic week of midterms.

The library staff set up 10 stations across the first, second and fourth floors ranging from a tutorial center from the Center of Academic success to East Baton Rouge Parish Libraries.

Students can visit each station to learn more about the resources and services LSU Libraries has to offer, along with filling out a stamp card to win food and prizes.

Middleton's events and programing librarian, Randa Lopez Morgan, explained the benefits of Frankenfaire and what it does for the students. 

"This is right after midterm time so this is really the time where students are like uh oh I need help or I need to figure out what I’m doing or they have a lot of papers around this time too,” Morgan said. “So part of that was trying to identify a point in the semester when students are like ‘okay this is when I need help,’ so this is that first purpose.”

Middleton employees decided that Halloween week was perfect to make this event full of fun and games. They hope that this event shows LSU students all the resources they truly have to offer, in order to make their academic careers more successful.