Dylon Hoffpauir, a Manship employee, will be especially busy next year after trying out and making the "Saintsations" dance team for the New Orleans Saints.

"You want to walk into an audition without giving the judges an option to tell you no," Hoffpauir said. "And that was my goal."

Dylon was a cheerleader in his time at LSU before he graduated in 2014. He had always dreamt about being a professional dancer for either the NBA or the NFL.

"I tried out for the Pelicans last season and did not make the team," Hoffpauir said. "And I saw that Jesse [Hernandez] made the Saints. That helped to motivate me to try out for the Saintsations."

120 dancers tried out for the saintsations the first day, and only the finalists were selected to participate in rigorous workouts, interviews, photoshoots, routine practices and meetings with etiquette coaches.

"I am most excited about the first time we run out on the field in the dome," Hoffpauir said. "I remember that first time running out on the 50 yard line in Tiger Stadium as a cheerleader in college. I will never forget that moment."

After the last five days of tryouts, Dylon was selected to be one of the three males on the Saintsations team.

"As a Saintsation, we are more than just a cheerleader or dancer on the field," Hoffpauir said. "We have to be trained in how to speak, interact with people and be a great representation of the Saints." 

Dylon said that he cannot wait to interact with the junior saintsations. He hopes that more guys are interested in joining in the future, as well.

"I just think it's awesome to have the opportunity to do something that men normally do not do, and it is a great example to show that whatever your hobby is, you can do that," Hoffpauir said.

Dylon is beyond excited to have the opportunity to do something that men normally do not do, and dance for a professional program like the NFL.