The Baton Rouge area is continuing to develop as top golf isn’t the only facility that was built this year.

Many students may not know that Main Event opened August 28th and is ready for guest to come see whats inside.

Main event, is a family-friendly entertainment center where students can grab a bite to eat with friends, get full access at their full service bar, and enjoy games all under one roof.

The facility is 50,000 sq.-ft and offers over 130 arcade games, laser tag, 22 bowling lanes and gravity ropes with zip-line that goes across the arcade floor.

Main event is Dallas-based and is the first one in Louisiana, and throughout the year the it offers different deals.

“For all of our group events, it's just a minimum of 10 people and it really depends on what they are looking for but we do have a college all access pass of groups coming in and they would just have to get with our events sales team to coordinate a visit to our center," said Sales Manager, Hailey Souileau.

Souileau oversees the multiple events students and residents can sign up for at the entertainment center.

Main event is located at the mall of Louisiana on bluebonnet and students can go on to see what they have to offer.