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By Sept. 10, LSU students must submit proof of their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

LSU students may fill out a COVID-19 vaccine exemption form.

The form may be found on the Student Health Center’s patient portal.

Some reasons for exemption include medical, personal or religious reasons as well as due to shortage.

The form does not require statements from a religious leader or medical professional compared to private universities such as Tulane and Columbia.

Student Health Center Executive Director Julie Hupperich says anything presented as a personal or religious exemption is by law approved in most cases. 

 “People recognize that it is easy to waive out, and that, you know, for the most part that’s relatively true," Hupperich said. "But, I think in making that choice, you also have to recognize that it’s probably not going to help to get us where everyone wants to.”

Since the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine, the Student Health Center witnessed an increased from 30 to 150 vaccines a week.

LSU student Osman Saccoh plans to opt out of receiving the vaccine and will complete the daily symptom tracker regularly.

“When, they came out with the vaccine, I saw kind of on TV one of the doctors passed out. So, that really gave a negative view on myself," said Saccoh. "That is why, me personally, I don’t believe in the vaccine.”

Digital art major Lester Antoine says the form is not necessary due to students being able to choose to take the vaccine or not.

“I definitely trust them, but also, a lot of times I have to be aware that a lot of people will have their own opinions and ideals on these kind of things, and just because we go to the same school doesn’t necessarily mean we align on the same things,” said Antoine.

For large scale events, students will need to provide a proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. 

Students contemplating the vaccine can speak to a nurse at the Student Health Center for more vaccine information.