LSU is now offering lifetime mental health support and discounted healthcare options to all former student-athletes. The university has made this possible through a partnership with Our Lady of the Lake Hospital and Hall of Fame Health.

Making the transition from a life of sports at LSU to a life in the workforce after can be a challenging time in athletes’ lives. After a former student-athlete came forward and talked about his struggle adjusting to life after college, LSU Athletics directors came together and created a solution.

“We were like, let’s put our brains together and see how we can continue to provide for all former athletes across all of our sports,”Leighann Westfall, Executive Director of External Relations & Letterwinner Engagement at LSU Athletics said.

LSU has set up a 24-hour mental health crisis hotline, as well as a concierge call line that is available to not only former student athletes, but their families as well. These services extend to all 21 varsity athletic programs at LSU.

Ryan Cain, the president of Hall of Fame Health, started his company with the goal of helping former NFL players with their transition from the pros. After establishing a nationwide network of accredited providers, Cain had another opportunity knock on his door.

“LSU is the first in the country to really see the value of continuing to support the student athletes who gave so much to the university,” Cain said.

Former student-athletes and their families can Hall of Fame Health’s mental health crisis hotline (866-901-1245) and LSU’s concierge call line (866-578-9989) indefinitely.