The LSU French Department and College of Art in Design have collaborated to organize the first ever LSU's Got French Talent Competition. The idea imagined by LSU student Miranda Albarez placed second in the nationwide France on Campus Awards last year. The competition will take place on April 16 via Zoom, and all LSU students, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to enter for a chance of winning a cash prize.

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The LSU French Department and College of Art and Design are collaborating to host the first ever LSU’s Got French Talent Competition on April 16. The competition placed second in the nationwide France on Campus Awards, and received a grant so that the competition could be established at LSU this year.

The founder and creator of the competition, Miranda Albarez, said she was given the task to create a virtual event for the arts in French. The idea was born during a pandemic, and Albarez said that everyone involved is inspired by the fact that the competition will be held in person in the future.

“Even a year later, we’re still persevering and getting through everything,” Albarez said. “I think it’s also a testament to how versatile and adaptable, yet firm we are as students that we can continue to make events and art together in a virtual setting and still have it hit home.”

This competition showcases the work of artists, musicians and writers that are inspired by francophone culture. First through third place winners in each category will receive cash prizes up to $1,000 dollars. Albarez said that any LSU student, faculty member or alumni can enter regardless of background.

“You don’t have to have this french heritage or this haitian heritage to want to be involved with this event,” Albarez said. “If you find any type of francophone art, music, writing inspiring and you want to submit your work, you can do it.”

There are four different categories for entries in the competition, and each will be judged by a specific panel catered to their category. The judges range from a diverse group of LSU professors to professionals who are distinguished in their field.

All entries will be added to a virtual online gallery, and winners will be featured on the LSU’s Got French Talent website.

Submissions are due by April 9 at 7 p.m. and can be made via the LSU’s Got French Talent Instagram page, or the Le Cercle Francais LSU Facebook page.