On Wednesday, Aug. 4 LSU announced LSU students will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test in order to return to campus this fall.

In addition, unvaccinated students will need to continue to test for Covid-19 once a month.

LSU Board of Supervisors and President William Tate have agreed that getting vaccinated for Covid-19 would not be mandated until the FDA approved the vaccines first.

With Tate's background in epidemiology, he has stated he would still hope for students to follow the science and get vaccinated in order to resume normal campus operations.

On his first day in office on July 6, he explained how he would continue to work to ensure students would get vaccinated before imposing a potential mandate.

" Literally we're bringing a small city back to this geospatial region, and that small city is a vector," Tate explained. " I want to make sure those folks are actually vaccinated so we can have a safe teaching and learning environment."

LSU will be offering free vaccinations at the Student Health Center and at the Student Union Theater until Sept. 1.