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Anyone hungry for politics can catch the Gubernatorial Debate tomorrow night in the Union Theater.

Democratic candidate incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards is up against two republican candidates Eddie Rispone and Ralph Abraham.

Here's what some LSU students say about how the debate could sway their decision.

"I'm hoping that I get to hear more from the other candidates beside Governor John Bel Edwards because I don't really know much about them," First-year student, Hannah Michel, said.

"I don't think they're going to go after each other (Rispone and Abraham) too much at all because I don't think it will play out for them," Second-year student, Colin Hulin, said.  "Whoever does go after the other one, I think it will end up hurting their political career."

"Yeah, I definitely think it will help me make my decision just because you get to see how they answer when they're under a time crunch and when they're in front of people who they know can actually sway the election," Second-year student, Emily Wood, said.

LSU Voter Registration Day is tomorrow as well, and GeauxVote LSU will have a station set up in Free Speech Plaza to help students register to vote. The deadline to register is September 21 through TurboVote.