USA Today released a report Monday morning documenting LSU’s mishandling of sexual assault cases and allegations, especially those involving athletes, over the past several years. 

Students and student organizations alike have spoken out to condemn LSU administration’s behavior and response since the report’s release.

Organizations like We’re Committed and Tigers Against Sexual Assault (TASA), whose goals are to prevent sexual assault and raise awareness, have released statements calling for justice for the victims.

A first-year student told Tiger TV that LSU’s response to previous cases may play a part in deterring women from speaking up.

“We see things like this happen and it in turn makes us more scared to come out about something that may have happened to us,” the student, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

Second-year student Lauren Sanders said that LSU is all talk when it comes to situations like this.

“They’re not really doing anything to implement any policies or to make victims feel comfortable coming out,” sanders said.

Senior Jack Green shared similar concerns and called for proper action on the university’s part.

“It’s just simply, unequivocally time for resignations to occur and for policies to change, with respect to our Title IX approach at this campus,” Green said.

Third-year student Kai Mays discussed her feelings on the involvement of athletes, saying that enough excuses had been made for them by LSU administration.

“Everybody knows that it happens in high school, it happens in college and it happens in the NFL,” Mays said. “And LSU, you’re handling it absolutely wrong like you’ve handled everything absolutely wrong this whole entire year.”

Students looking to learn more about the situation can read the full report here.