On Nov. 7, four days after election, Joe Biden was declared the 46th President of the United States. After winning the state of Pennsylvania, Biden defeated President Trump with an electoral college vote of 290, according to The Associated Press.

Due to the massive number of mail in ballots this year, some states, like Nevada and Pennsylvania, took days to finish counting. Some LSU students, like Chandler Pumford, think the United States should establish a nationwide voting procedure. “I think it would be better if the election process was faster.” Pumford said.

The announcement came after an excruciating ballot counting process. After an agonizing 5 day wait, American’s everywhere were thankful to finally hear a declaration. Such as LSU Freshman, Adam Lott, who said “It was quite annoying just sitting there waiting on people counting.”

Not only were students thankful for an announcement, students like Rajan Awasthi were pleased with the outcome. “I couldn’t be more excited,” said Awasthi, “this is the candidate I voted for, so I’m very happy.”

Although the Biden campaign may be ready to take office, the Trump campaign will not make it easy. President Trump has made it clear that he will take legal action in this election. Trump said, “The night of, as soon as that election is over, we’re going in with our lawyers.” 

Although it is unsure what Trump’s legal plans are, American’s everywhere ask the question, “What’s next?”

LSU Freshman Jimmy Cassidy said, “I think it’s important for everyone to realize that just because the seat has shifted doesn’t mean that automatic change is coming. We still have to fight for what we were fighting for during the whole campaign process.”

Other students, like Clare Hill, wait to see if the Biden administration will do as promised. “Everyone has ulterior motives,” said Claire, “Biden says he’s for the people, it’s really about if he stands on his word.”