Now that the semester is ending, more students are voicing their opinions about how important it is to have the Pass/No credit option for the Fall 2020 semester.

Provost Haynie mentioned in an interview in early November that because the Pass/No Credit option had not been initiated by other SEC institutions across the country, it is unlikely that LSU will. 

Instead of the Pass/No Credit, LSU gave students the option to take a W for any class this semester without counting it toward the three W maximum policy previously set in place. The deadline for this option was extended to December 4, 2020. 

Many students feel that a W is not enough to soften the tough reality of a COVID-19 semester. Students have taken to Twitter on countless occasions to urge LSU to change their policy and allow the Pass/No Credit.

One LSU student, Sema’J Hawkins, expressed his frustration on Twitter about how little of a positive impact the new W policy will have.

On November 25, 2020, Hawkins Tweeted “No one asked for extra W’s. We want a Pass/No Credit option. That is it. No one wants W’s on their transcript.”

LSU students don't consider the new "W" policy to be a win

LSU student Sema'J Hawkins tweets about the Pass/No Credit option.


Prior to this tweet, Hawkins tweeted similar comments, which got a lot of attention from other LSU Twitter users. The likes and retweets Hawkins received for these related tweets show support from students on their stance for Pass/No Credit.

Because of the unusually difficult semester, Hawkins feels that “there is no excuse for this behavior from a university that claims to care for their students.” Hawkins explained that LSU students, including himself, could especially benefit from Pass/No Credit considering the multiple hurricanes that have hit this year in addition to personal struggles due to COVID-19.

“I’ve lost a lot of friends and family this year...this year has been rough on so many college students because so many families are struggling financially, mentally, or physically,” Hawkins said.

Although Hawkins hopes that LSU will reconsider implementing the Pass/No Credit, he still strives to keep his education a top priority.