Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Sep 18, 2020. LSU students discussed this recent death, as well as their opinions on whether or not this new empty Supreme Court seat should be filled before or after the 2020 election.

LSU Softball players Alison Newland and Emilee Casanova shared their thoughts on Ginsburg’s death.

“I just think it's gonna be really interesting to see how quickly she's replaced, and with the current election coming up, what [the Senate] will do when the new president gets elected,” Newland said.

Many LSU students, like Hannah Guidry, were not originally knowledgeable about Ruth Bader Ginsburg or her influence and efforts within the Supreme Court until after her death.

However, Guidry said, “A lot of people have explained the strides she’s made for women. It makes me proud [of] what she’s done, [but I am] sad that I didn’t get to appreciate her while she was [alive].”

With an open seat on the Supreme Court, President Trump is working to fill it  with his preferred candidate before the upcoming election. Some LSU students, like Matthew Delatte, believe that the Senate should wait until after the election to confirm a candidate.

“Obama wasn’t able to do it, so why should [Donald Trump] be able to do it?” Delatte said.

Other students, such as Ryan Hull, believe that the Senate should take their time, and “make a decision that benefits the people, not just Washington D.C.”

President Trump nominated new Orleans native Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ginsbsurg on Sep 26. The Senate confirmation hearing is set to begin Oct 12, and America waits eagerly to find out who will be left to fill the shoes of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.