While ProctorU may provide ease to professors who use it, this platform creates issues with LSU students--making this unique semester much more difficult.

In addition to the financial burden and the extreme measures taken to complete an exam, students feel cheated by the issues they experience. 

Using this online service creates more room for technical issues and proctor interruptions, as opposed to an in-person testing site. Some feel the overall cost doesn’t add up to the quality of service received.

“I had 16 minutes left in my test and it disconnected,” said Mariana Manchester, second year industrial engineering major. “They were transferring me back and forth to so many people, so I ran out of time. ”

More professors are requiring ProctorU this semester as part of their class materials, and at first, the only thing students worried about was the additional costs that came with using this service.

“Of my six classes, I think three of them require ProctorU. Of all my classes, I’d say I’ve spent 300 plus [on class materials],” said Kennedy Johnson, second year kinesiology major.

Students pay anywhere from 5$ to 15$ per exam, which causes frustration due to the increase of technical problems and proctor disruptions.

“It makes the actual test- taking more stressful than it needs to be compared to taking a test at Himes; it’s a completely different environment,” said Johnson.

“Taking a test in class and having someone watch you that way is something completely different than you being on the computer and people taking control over your mouse,” Manchester said. 

ProctorU claims to have top-notch security for exams, but they don’t mention the proctor disruptions that come along with it. 

“[Proctor interruptions] taking the time away from us from just being able to focus on the test because they’re talking to us in the middle of it,” Manchester said.

These LSU students hope to have more convenient test taking methods available to them in the spring semester, in order to avoid the hassle of ProctorU.