The 2020 election was the first time of many LSU student voting experiences.

In a time where major controversy spreads fast throughout the media, the importance of staying involved and knowing the truth is more effective now than ever. As Americans, we have to ensure that the candidates that we elected stay true to their word and the morals that they campaigned.

“It’s important to stay involved after an election because our government plays a role in our everyday lives more than we think and it's also important to make a cultural and social shift,” said Amy Morgan, director of the Lagniappe Group.

Gathering knowledge before the election is just as important as after the election. The lack of knowledge among young voters turns into a vote out of peer pressure from social media and student's peers.

“I voted because of peer pressure. Society wags their finger at you “no” if you don't vote. So you are pushed into voting for a party that you don't even agree with their complete morals in.” former LSU football player, Clifton Escort said.

Voting requires research as to which candidate most aligns with your morals and beliefs, including what difference they will make. 

“You can keep track of your candidates and see if they are staying true to their words and it will inform you on your future and the future of your country,” said Tilly Sipp, LSU freshman.

Many LSU students stated that the best way to move forward with the future is to make sure to get information from reliable sources and know the truth without having a bias towards each other.

“I wish for the future that we can all just get along and get through this as a family because it's a stressful time and showing love to each other is probably the best way that we can get through this. I feel like it starts with the people that represent us in the white house,” said Zach Henderson, LSU freshman

Although the election is over politics continue and as Americans, we have to stay involved and use our voices. For more information on what happens after the election and politics in Louisiana go to the Together Louisiana website.