This summer, "Red Stick", a dining option in the LSU Student Union known for its Louisiana Cuisine, was replaced with a healthier food option called the "Big Squeezy."

Unfortunately, the few loyal Red Stick lovers came back from Summer break devastated to see Red Stick was no where to be found. The food option sold all things cajun from gumbo to red beans and rice. 

The Big Squeezy was formerly located in the back of the Union in a convenience store called "On The Geaux." The juice store was moved to the front of the Union, where Red Stick used to be, due to Big Squeezy racking in more revenue. The Big Squeezy sells fruit bowls, juices, and other healthy options. 

Vice President of Auxiliary services, Margot Caroll, ensured us that there are other places on campus to enjoy Louisiana cuisine in the dining halls, and the faculty club located across the street from the student union.