Saturday’s game against Missouri may have been an upset in more ways than one, especially for students who originally had tickets to the game.

LSU Football’s move to Faurot Field in response to Hurricane Delta last weekend left student ticket-holders wondering what that meant for their seats.

Their tickets did not transfer over to Mizzou, and LSU has still not given them any update on the situation.

Students like sophomore Lizzie Shaw are disappointed by LSU’s lack of contact, especially with their games already limited this season by ticketing policies.

Shaw also got tickets to the Alabama game, but she was only certain that she could attend Missouri.

“I know that was weather issues so it's nothing that the University could really control, but I may not get to go to the Bama game just because of a conflict previously,” Shaw said. “This would have been my one game to go, and it was upsetting not to know if there was going to be anything done about it.” 

LSU freshman Joseph Mumola said that if he wasn’t paying attention on his own, he doesn’t think he would’ve known about the game’s move.

“If I was a student who was less into sports media, I might not have known until that weekend,” Mumola said. “It all felt like a whirlwind because in the space of 24, 36 hours I had found I'd gotten tickets and then they were gone, so…”

Assistant Director of Ticket Operations Eric Hummel said that with the remainder of the home games sold out, Ticketing is looking to move these students up in the claims process for future tickets.

“We hope to then accommodate those Missouri, the students who had the Missouri game, with returns that come back from one of the other three home games,” Hummel said.

Hummel also noted that the student ticketing changes this year have been quite hard, but they are working their hardest to accommodate students the best they can. 

“The students have been very understanding this year, so we’re thankful for that,” Hummel said, “but it has been a rough go of it this year with having to limit students with only a couple of games and in some cases even only one game.”

With only three more home games on the horizon, it looks like the students who missed out on Missouri just have to wait and see what happens.