LSU Freshman Ryan Granger was tested for COVID-19 on Monday, September 7 after a possible exposure to the coronavirus. Monday night, Granger received a phone call from LSU officials instructing him 30 minutes to gather everything he might need for the next 14 days.

“I packed very fast in a panic,” Granger said. LSU officials then transported him to the East Campus Apartments where on-campus quarantine is being held. 

Granger received his test results around 7pm the following Wednesday, September 9th. Granger tested negative for COVID-19 and immediately began trying to make contact with LSU to find out if he was allowed to leave quarantine. Granger emailed and called LSU multiple times Wednesday night but received no response.

Granger did not receive an email giving him permission to leave the East Campus Apartments until Friday evening around 7 pm. Because of this delayed response, Granger was in quarantine for two additional days. Not only was Granger frustrated with LSU’s lack of timeliness but also the living conditions of the East Campus Apartments.

“The first thing I noticed when I walked in was dust on the floor, and there were dead bugs.” Granger states. “There was an alive bug in my room. After I killed that bug, I [decided to] take a shower and go to sleep. I turn on the shower, and the drain doesn’t drain.”

Granger says that he wasn’t initially provided with toilet paper, tissues, or trash cans.

“After two days [an employee] brought four rolls of toilet paper for everyone,” he said. He also said everyone was supposedly given a box of bed sheets, but he never received his.

Granger also expressed concerns about the food-ordering system that LSU uses for students in quarantine because has a dairy allergy. 

“You can [leave a] comment on your order, so I had put ‘no dairy, no red meat, no seafood’, because I can’t eat those. I got my food, and they gave me a whole bottle of whole milk.” Granger said.

Granger also claims that LSU gave him Doritos, yogurt, and a casserole style meal, all containing dairy products. “They are pre-packaged meals,” he said. “I don't know if LSU is actually making them, so I don’t know how much LSU could do. But if there were vegan options, [there were] very few.”

Granger thinks that LSU should have handled the situation differently. “I know that I was exposed to the coronavirus, and it’s important to act quickly; but if they would have waited another 24 hours, I wouldn’t have had to go through the whole mess,” Granger said. 

 “[LSU] has the right idea, but they’re not making sure everything is ready [before they] do it.”