LSU third-year student, Alaysia Johnson, is the senator delegate for the new organization on campus called the Black Caucus.

The Black Caucus is similar to the U.S. Black Caucus in terms of advocating for African Americans and minorities.  The organization at LSU is an extension of Student Government.

"The purpose is to give people a seat at the table and maintain that seat, and develop themselves as leaders, and also help the university when they come to these big decisions and have these conversations that effect all students," said Johnson.

The Black Caucus’ purpose as defined in the Black Caucus constitution:

(A) Section 1.A. To represent the concerns and interests of African and African American identifying Louisiana State University students and organizations;

(B) Section 1.B. To serve as a liaison of the African and African American identifying and minority communities to the student government, University and all other entities;

(C) Section 1.C. To empower the student body by providing a medium through which students may actively engage in issues impacting the minority Louisiana State University community;

(D) Section 1.D. To provide and promote access to programs for the betterment and enrichment of the University in regard to diversity;

(E) Section 1.E. To preserve and advance the academic and collegiate experience of the minority student body;

(F) Section 1.F. To promote diversity and cultural awareness in the student body.

"This is a student body that has a very low percentage of minorities in a state that is one-third African American, and only 12 percent of LSU students are African Americans, so I think that makes it even more important," Professor Bob Mann said.

To find out more about the organizations' upcoming events, visit LSU student government website at under the legislative tab.