LSU Student Body President Stone Cox delivered a letter to Interim President Tom Galligan requesting the university move to Phase 3 with the rest of the state.  

Phase 3 would increase capacity limits for campus organizations, and in exchange for this transition, Cox plans to institute mandatory COVID-19 testing for all LSU students.  

Included in the letter to Galligan are the signatures of over 50 student leaders who support the move to Phase 3 because it would affect their ability to host events. 

LSU Student Body President Letter
LSU Student Body President Letter
LSU Student Body President Letter Signatures

 White House Coronavirus Task Force ambassador, Dr. Deborah Birx, held a round table discussion Sept. 23 in support of Louisiana's move to Phase 3.  However, Birx stated she felt uncomfortable with the idea of LSU moving to Phase 3 due to low testing numbers.

In an email to students on Oct. 6, Galligan urged students to get tested at least once a month to aid in the university's efforts to monitor the spread of COVID-19. 

Galligan alluded to a possible transition to Phase 3 by stating, "If the virus is contained or limited in its presence, we may be able to loosen current restrictions."

University of California Berkeley and other colleges across the United States have introduced mandatory testing to allow for a safe Fall semester.  

Cox used the advice of Dr. Birx to support his recommendation for mandatory testing to safely transition to Phase 3, thus providing a positive college experience for students in campus organizations.