With safety being a major concern on campus, some students have found a new way to keep LSU safe.

The LSU School of Social Work is creating a survey that would help students understand their risk of being abducted.   

The survey uses students’ internet history to show how it affects their risk of abduction. 

Graduate students Emily Ryan and Adrianne Vallee created the survey in hopes of targeting human trafficking on LSU’s campus.

They say college students are the most vulnerable because of their overwhelming presence on social media.

“Once we get all that feedback and see what people do on social media, we want to take those results and specify what you can do about it,” Ryan said.  “What’s the biggest problem here on campus with social media, and what can you do about it as a student?”

They’re hoping the survey will help students realize their online habits and provide solutions on how they can protect themselves. 

Below is the link to the survey and check out Target Trafficking LSU on Facebook and Instagram for more information.