LSU freshman are still new on campus and many of them now don't feel comfortable talking to their RAs.

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Being away from home is hard for many students, and being connected with peers such as RAs is how many student handle the new environment 

Freshmen have been on campus for two months, and many of them are still trying to adjust to the new experience. To some students, the role of RAs in this adjustment is instrumental.

Spruce Hall is one of the many dorms that have residents experiencing college for the first time, and many of those residents would feel more comfortable talking to their RAs. 

But after the recent firing of former Spruce RA Madelyn Helms, residents in Spruce are upset and now don’t feel comfortable talking to their RAs.

Spruce Resident Elizabeth Melanchon says, ”It makes me just feel like I can’t trust them like I'm supposed to be able to. In my opinion you're supposed to trust your RA”.

Helm felt that LSU and Residential Life care more about keeping a good image, rather than helping residents. 

“They care sometimes about liabilities and what ifs even when things do go well instead of letting us make common sense judgements for ourselves,” Helms said 

Spruce Hall residents are still upset with the outcome of their former RA and hopes that something will change that can help accommodate RAs and residents 

“I just don’t think it was fair. All the residents on my floor loved her because she made us feel safe and comfortable, like we could talk to her,” Melachon said

LSU Res Life declined Tiger TV’s request to comment, but LSU Residential Assistants are still helping their residents transition to college in any way they can.