LSU students witnessed an abnormal sight at the beginning of last week. Upon stepping outside, icicles could be seen hanging from almost every surface.

But with this Mardi Gras week surprise came some unexpected events to follow.

"The first day of the cold front, I came back and I plugged my phone in, and the plug wasn’t working, and I was like okay, so I went and tried another plug, and it wasn’t working either," said Nicholson Gateway resident Molly Canham. "My roommate was just like ‘yeah, the power’s gone out.’”

Low water pressure followed the power outage for Nicholson Gateway residents.

In addition, various dorms around campus witnessed loss of heating in AC units When situations like these arise, Residential Life is quick to contact and inform residents, as well as keep them updated on the situation’s status.

"So, whenever we know of an outage, of course we let residents know as soon as possible, at minimum 24 hours notice.”Associate Director of Communications and Development Catherine David said.

In order to restore power to Nicholson Gateway, LSU Residential Life was in contact with Entergy to determine where the problem was and how to fix it.

“It was hard for Entergy to get the power to us. They had to figure out where that break in connection was, and how to quickly patch it and get it back up for students," said David.

Because of this, LSU Residential Life encourages students to note when issues occur through the housing portal.

“With close to three million square feet of space, we ask our residents to be partners and to please submit work orders in the myLSU portal any time there’s an issue," said David.

Submitting work orders allows students to stay updated on the status of the job, as well as inform Residential Life where issues are most commonly arising.

This allows Residential Life maintenance employees to target a particular area experiencing an outage and solve the problem to the best of their abilities.

"We always say that we can’t do it alone. Just like we say safety is a shared responsibility in campus housing, our facilities are a shared responsibility as well,” said David.

LSU Residential Life hopes to continue monitoring on-campus housing conditions to ensure that everything is back and running smoothly.