LSU School of Music sees roof damage

Damages to LSU School of Music following Hurricane Ida

LSU Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard states that, after careful evaluation of the impact of Hurricane Ida, LSU’s campus appears to have minimal damage to only some buildings and roofs. 

LSU School of Music is one of the buildings that shows roof damage from the storm. Crews are currently working on repairs. 

Some areas of campus have lost power, and officials say LSU has been working with energy providers to try to restore power to full capacity as soon as possible. 

Due to the extensive damages across the area, assessments could take several days, according to a representative from Entergy. 

“Our staff worked diligently before the storm to prepare, and began working immediately after the storm passed to assess the damage,” Ballard said. “The EOC and LSU staff are working non-stop to make sure students who live on campus have everything they need.”

Facility Services is continuing to check for other issues. 

LSU President William F. Tate IV urges students and staff not to rush back to campus while emergency personnel assess campus aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

LSU’s campus will be closed until Wednesday, Sept. 1 due to the impacts of Hurricane Ida across South Louisiana.

“In this aftermath, we’re asking that our students, staff, and faculty not rush back to campus, but wait until they’ve been alerted and an all clear is given,” Tate said.