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After LSU posted a photo of Tiger Stadium’s lights lit up teal to honor sexual assault awareness month, students were unhappy with the display and claimed it was performative--considering the recent events involving the mishandling of sexual assault cases. 

“The first thing I thought was why would they do that," said LSU sophomore Bridget Cotten. "Why would they just post something about the stadium instead of talking to victims?”

Students thought it was ironic to light up the football stadium, considering much of the controversy surrounding sexual misconduct at LSU has involved the athletic department.  

“Why would they light up the football stadium? Especially with everything going on, why would they pick the football stadium out of all places to showcase awareness to sexual assault,” Cotten rhetorically asked. 

With LSU in hot water, some graduating high school seniors, like Samaria Peters, have had another factor to think about when choosing a college.

“I have a friend that goes to LSU that’s been telling me about it, and I feel like you never really think about things like that unless they hit close to home,” Peters said.

Despite the backlash, Interim President Tom Galligan says the teal stadium lights were to show that LSU cares and is working toward changes. 

“Going forward, we want to be supportive and we want to be allies,” Galligan said. "So, we tried to manifest that behavior through that posting, so it was not a performative act, it was trying to show support and that athletics cares.”

The new Office of Civil Rights and Title IX is located in Himes Hall. 

If you need to report an incident of sexual misconduct, you can do so here.