LSU student posts professor's email to Twitter

An LSU professor sent an alarming message to his students Tuesday night, stating that the supplementary instructor for the class is currently being tested for the coronavirus.

LSU Media Relations director Ernie Ballard confirmed that the professor is John Scalzo. 

Scalzo states in the email that he will not return to campus until he hears that the supplementary instructor's tests come back negative, or until the professor himself is symptom-free for two weeks.

Scalzo says he does have a few symptoms of the illness, but cannot be tested for it until it is proven that he came into contact with someone who has the coronavirus.

For the time being, Scalzo is self quarantined, and he told his students that he would keep them updated.

Neither Scalzo nor the supplementary instructor have confirmed cases of the coronavirus, but they are taking cautionary, proactive measures.

LSU is aware of this situation, and has no positive results for coronavirus involved with faculty, staff or students.