Louisiana State University

The search for a new LSU President continues. Friday afternoon on November 13, 2020, the LSU search committee held a meeting discussing which firm they should elect to lead the process of finding a new president.

Starting the meeting with prayer over the new leadership followed by the pledge of allegiance. They announced that out of seven possible firms three stood out; Parker executive, Anthem executive and WittKieffer executive.

“What stood out with these firms is that they talked about the institution and research and not just about the SEC,” stated a member of the search committee.

Looking for a firm that aligns with LSU beliefs of community, diversity and education the committee agreed that Parker Executive was the most personable firm.

A committee member stated, “One thing that I liked about Parker's is the reliability of having the experience of working with different schools in this area. Plus the diversity of their team. So they had a real breath of knowledge about, you know, everything that we're looking for in my opinion.”

The committee members felt like after the Parker executive interview, that the firm would be involved and proactive in finding the most suitable president to lead the LSU community. After a unanimous vote, Parker executive was hired to become the search committee firm.

“At the end of the day it's the firm's name,” stated another committee member. “But it's really who you are working with that matters.”

Over the next two weeks, the LSU search committee is going to discuss what they are looking for in a president. Making sure that the future leader encourages diversity and education.