LSU makes Dec. 4 the final date to drop classes for fall 2020. 

In an email to students, the university said, "Because it has been such an unusual semester, with so many class cancellations and make-up days, we are moving the last day to drop a class from Monday, Nov. 9, to Friday, Dec. 4."

With the fall 2020 semester mainly online, the university has chosen to give students a longer period of time to withdraw from a course.  Withdrawing from a course does not affect a student’s GPA and would show up on their transcript as a “W” instead of a letter grade.

drop date

Fall commencement will be held virtually. LSU's reasoning behind this decision is, "since we are moving all classes remote after Thanksgiving to avoid bringing students back to campus after they have gone home and/or traveled to other areas."


The university will not implement the pass/no credit option previously offered in spring 2020 when classes moved online midsemester. 

The spring 2021 semester will be similar to the fall semester with a mix of in person, online and hybrid classes. 

academic calendar change

Students will have off Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mardi Gras, two days in March and Good Friday. 

"The traditional longer Mardi Gras break and spring break have been removed, but extra holidays have been added in March, and classes will now end a week sooner, with final exams and commencement occurring one week earlier."