In celebration of Veteran's day, the LSU Military & Veterans Student Center invited veterans in the community to pack up a ruck sack and march to Memorial Tower.

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Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, and the LSU Military & Veterans Student Center is hosting their second annual Ruck March in honor of all veterans.

Before the march, veterans pack their ruck sacks full of military gear and memorabilia and start walking down Veterans Drive.

The walk is a mile-long police-escorted route from Veterans Drive to the Memorial Tower.

This year’s march is open to veterans in the Baton Rouge community, as well as their families or significant others.

“It’s really just to bring us together, it’s a special day for us, and remember those we served with, whether they're living or not," LSU Military & Veterans Student Center Program Director Grant Schadeberg said.

The march ends with a speech from the Wounded Warrior Project and a 22-second moment of silence for veterans that have ended their own lives.

"It's also to bring awareness to the community," Schadeberg said. "To show this LSU community that we’re out here and that we’re an underserved population. It’s nice for them to just hear 'thank you for your service,' it means more than any discount you could give us.”

If you would like to cheer on and support the veterans of the community, the march starts at the Veterans Center at 10 a.m. and ends at Memorial Tower.