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After nearly three years of reconstruction, the LSU Memorial Tower, now also known as the LSU William A. Brookshire Military Museum, is ready for reopening.

 The facility has been revamped into an homage to many military heroes and stories of past alumni over the last 160 years.

Executive Director of the memorial tower, Randy Gurie, noted how important the value of the site was when redesigning the facility.

" The process was realizing that we had a memorial that we wanted to retain its recognition and distinction and not take away from it," Gurie said. " We also had a facility that would house the LSU Military Museum, and so we wanted to combine those."

A temporary opening was held for locals to get a quick look of the facility before it's grand opening.

After years of anticipation, Gurie got the exact reaction he was hoping for, which was the word, "wow".

Gurie said, " The main thing that I'm hoping for is for people to come in and the first word out of their mouth will be wow, and that's pretty much what it's been."

As the grand opening approaches this fall, Gurie's hopes are for students, alumni and everyone in between to be more informed on the university's rich military history.

" We're hoping that many will take away a greater appreciation, and I think they will," Gurie stated. " We're hopeful it's going to be educational."

The LSU Memorial Tower will have its grand opening on Veterans Day, Nov. 11.