Some LSU students are concerned about the new air purifiers interference in class.

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With the start of a new semester, students are excited to be back on campus, but new air purifiers meant to prevent students from contracting COVID-19 are also preventing them from being able to engage in lectures.

LSU recently installed HEPA air purifiers in classrooms across campus to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 since students returned to campus this fall.

These air purifiers are not confirmed to kill the virus, but in combination with the mask mandate, can potentially limit contamination, especially in close quarters.

 “We come to LSU and it’s such a great school and I want to go to class and we finally can, but I can’t even here what’s going on.”

Students and teachers are frustrated with not being able to understand each other during valuable class time. LSU is looking into purchasing microphones for classroom use to resolve this issue.