LSU fans are known across the country for having some fantastic tailgates, but for many years that is where the drinking stopped. After a rule change from the sec, the partying can continue into the stadiums and arenas. Sports and alcohol have always gone hand in hand. But for many years’ fans attending LSU sporting events were not able to buy a drink in public areas of LSU venues. That all changed in May of 2019.

LSU Senior Associate Athletics Director Robert Munson says the university made 2.3 million dollars on alcohol sales, but LSU will only get to keep 45% of that profit. The athletic department also says it has averaged around 13,000 dollars of sales at sec basketball games so far this season, which adds up to just over 90,000 dollars.

With alcohol sales becoming more prevalent, there is the expectation for more incidents, but that is not the case.

“What’s better to see though is that our rate of incidents actually went down or stayed the same at all of our games,” Munson says. “So, any fears about there being more incidents in our arenas were quickly dispelled.”

With more alcohol and fewer incidents, Munson says fans have been staying at events longer than they have in the past.

“I think it’s overall making the fan experience better,” says LSU Senior Sam Grayson. “I stay at the games longer now that there is alcohol served. The prices could come down a little, I believe it’s like $8 or 9 dollars for a beer right now, and it’s one size. So maybe have a variation in the sizes or come down to like 6 dollars a beer.”

Munson says the athletic department has compared its revenue to other schools outside of the SEC, and ranks near the top, but have yet to compare numbers with other SEC schools.

The athletic department also encourages fans to drink responsibly and to utilize their safe driver program.