LSU's annual fashion show was finally brought back in-person after taking a two year hiatus due to COVID-19. The show's theme was "A night at the met" and showcased various student designers collections.

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The Met Gala wasn't the only fashion phenomenon that happened earlier in the week. LSU'S Fashion Association hosted their first in-person fashion show back post COVID-19.

The show was held Sunday, April 30 at Capitol Park Museum in Downtown Baton Rouge, where various student designers showcased their collections they've been working on for the past few months.

While the past two fashion shows have been virtual, with about only 50 viewers, the association was pleased too have over 300 attendees at this years show. 

Designers had to follow the theme "A night at the met" for their collections as they had to create and style pieces they would walk down the met gala carpet. 

Some of the senior collections included "Debut" created by Breanna Taylor, "Boardwalk Bonanza" by Kenneth Popleon, "Bean" by Jillian Frazier, "Cici & Fifi" by Stacey Cambre, "Blossom" by Alyssa Johnson, and "Tonight" by Danielle Jones. 

"It was so nice to see all of the designers creativity come to life," said Riley Lawson, Senior Show Chair for the Fashion Association at LSU.