With only days away from the Tigers competing for a conference title, LSU fans were able to grab a keepsake of this historic team.

Late Monday afternoon, the Bullpen Lot of Alex Box Stadium opened up for hundreds of fans to take free slabs of the LSU football field straight from Tiger Stadium. 

Contractors began removing sod in order to replace the field in Death Valley, so LSU Athletics decided to give it back to the fans.

Approximately 3500 square feet of sod was given out to fans and were distributed as a first-come, first-serve, basis. 

The slabs went quickly and the event that was supposed to last until 6:00p.m., only lasted approximately 10 minutes once everything was gone.

Fans carried their slabs, put them in childs' strollers, garbage bags, and any other way they could think of hauling as much of the field as possible.

Traffic backed up Nicholson Drive significantly prior to and during the event, but that did not stop fans from rushing to the parking lot to grab their slab.