Sharon Lewis

Despite lawmakers requesting testimony from Sharon Lewis, the LSU Athletics executive currently suing the university for $50 million, LSU has barred any of its employees from testifying at the April 8 state Capitol hearing.

State Senator Regina Barrow of the Senate Select Committee on Women and Children requested Lewis after declinations from Ed Orgeron and Scott Woodward, but LSU blocked the requests.

LSU believes anyone associated with the University should not answer questions due to the pending lawsuit and litigation.

Sharon Lewis is suing the institution for apparent Title IX retaliation against her following the Les Miles controversy. 

Les Miles reportedly created an inappropriate and dangerous work environment for Lewis and others, and Miriam Segar lied to an LSU Title IX investigator to tarnish Lewis' word. Miles also tried to have Lewis fire student workers he did not find attractive.

LSU is under federal investigation for alleged mishandling of sexual harassment and assault allegations.