The LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business officially launched their new online program allowing students to earn their business degree remotely.

The fully online program includes a Bachelor of Science in General Business degree with four new concentrations and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree. The four concentrations offered through the business degree are Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Human Resource Management and Information Technology Management. 

This program is designed to follow an asynchronous format and will be taught by the same instructors that teach courses offered to on-campus students. 

Although the online program will be a seven-week module rather than the 16 week semesters, LSU online students will benefit from the same quality education and receive the same diploma as the on-campus students. 

According to the official media release, Vice President for LSU Online & Continuing Education Sasha Thackaberry stated “our online students are predominately nontraditional, which means they come to the table with training, credentials and relevant knowledge outside of the classroom.”

LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business Dean Jared Llorens stated that although the program was in the works prior to COVID-19, the process was accelerated to fit the needs of students during the unforeseen effects of the pandemic.

This online program launched at the perfect time seeing as students expressed a need for different ways of earning their degree. 

Although some students preferred in-person or hybrid style classes, the College of Business still noticed a need for an online program allowing for a more flexible schedule while still receiving a quality education.

Dean Llorens stated that the College of Business, much like other universities in the country, plans to adapt where needed in order to stay ahead of the current changes resulting from the pandemic.

More information about the new program can be found on