LSU dining has a new fun way to get more students interactive with food in the dining hall.

"The 5" dining hall staff created a comical youtube channel series called "Hack the Halls," and students are raving over the videos.

"Hack the Halls" videos are about a chef that goes around The Five and shows students how to make creative food while adding humor to it.

The series was a collaborative idea by marketing interns Montana Ankner, who edits the videos and Claire Sumin, who works with audio.

“It's a lot of improvising which is a lot of fun we get to just have fun in the dining hall and when I edit it comes out really great,” said Ankner.

The Chef in the show is Executive Chef. Laurence Landon, and he has really become a great part of the show adding funny jokes and taking his new job seriously.

The show was made to allow students to be able to be more expressive in deciding what they should eat and how to prepare for it.

“It's a lot more options because I know students get into a rut of same thing, same thing so we want to educate them that if they just open their minds and try more different stuff they can do really great food with what's in front of them,” said Landon.

Students are now starting to get more involved with the filming process by coming up with new ideas of food to make as well as being apart of the videos.

Students can watch the hack the hall videos every Thursday on LSU dining youtube channel.