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The LSU Dairy Store is offering their facilities to a Lake Charles business damaged by Hurricane Laura, Boombox Frozen Pops & Ice Cream.

Boombox in Baton Rouge makes all of their treats at the original Boombox Pops & Ice Cream facility in Lake Charles.

As the Lake Charles facilty sustained minimal damages, it continues to remain without power and water.

The LSU Dairy Store is temporarily closed this semester due to COVID-19 precautions, so Boombox owner, Nick Villaume, asked his friends, Dr. Charles Boeneke and Gaye Sandoz at the LSU Agriculture Center, for a favor.            

“So I called up Dr. Boeneke at the Ag Center and Gaye Sandoz who runs the Ag Center food incubator, and they were like, ‘yeah, come on over and move on in. you can come produce stuff,” said Villaume.

Boombox lost over 3,000 pops, and, without the dairy store’s incubator, their losses could have been detrimental.

“They basically saved our lives coming over there,” said Villaume. “I don’t know that we would be able to continue operating without them.”

Villaume said he doesn’t expect to be back at the Lake Charles facility for three to six months, or maybe never.

“We might actually start looking for a permanent location here in Baton Rouge, so we may not go back to Lake Charles is the jist of it,” said Villaume. 

The Lake Charles store is expected to reopen after power and water are restored. However, Villaume said that Lake Charles evacuees have gotten a taste of home at the Boombox store in Baton Rouge.

Because of the LSU Dairy Store,  Boombox is still popping with a variety of popsicles.