LSU commits to changing campus culture around sexual violence, rolls out detailed initiative

LSU released a statement Wednesday afternoon making a call to action for sexual and domestic assault allegations on campus. 

Upon receiving the Husch Blackwell report, LSU officials created an initiative to change the sexual and domestic assault culture within the LSU community.

According to the email sent out by the Office of Communications, LSU commits to the following: 

  • Appropriately staffing the Title IX office

  • Designating a Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Prevention and Training

  • Designating a Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Support and Resources

  • Changing the reporting line for the Title IX Coordinator

  • Implementing quarterly and annual reporting; improving recordkeeping

  • Improving information flow from LSUPD

  • Enhancing training for Athletics

  • Clarifying mandatory reporting obligations

  • Providing specialized training to Title IX Personnel

  • Accepting accountability

  • Bringing a special focus to cases involving student athletes

  • Developing alternative resolution options and restorative justice

  • Establishing timelines for resolutions

  • Considering appropriate sanctions

  • Creating a centralized website to increase understanding and simplify process

  • Regularly measuring climate and effectiveness

  • Applying the rules to everyone

With this call to action comes a new website offering support to anyone affected by sexual and domestic violence. According to a follow-up email, the website features “information on confidentiality, advice for those who don’t know how to get help...and how to help [anyone] going through trauma from domestic or sexual violence.”

The website also provides information on resources both on and off campus for students and employees. More information and resources can be found at

This story will be updated as Tiger TV receives more information.