When LSU sophomore Rudy Stark got on the purple bus to head to class Thursday morning, he knew there were flash floods in the area, but he did not expect what would happen. 

“I look out the window, and [the water] is just really close. I see a little bit go in, and I’m like, 'hey guys look at this,'” Stark said. 

At first it was only a little water. When the bus made a turn in a round about, however, that is when water started rushing in. 

“The first thing that came in my mind was like, 'we’re about to drown.'”

The bus driver did not know what to do.

“She was kinda panicked. She was like, panicked laughing.”

The water would not stop the bus driver from getting Rudy and the other students to class. She was determined.

“I just looked up and saw her, and I couldn’t hear what she said because we were all leaning and screaming. And she just kind of turns around and was like, 'are ya'll all right?.' We were like 'yeah,' and we get off the bus."

After Rudy’s tweet blew up on Twitter, people had a lot to say about the way the bus driver handled the situation.

“Everyone on Twitter was talking like, 'oh, she needs to get fired' or whatever and like no, she’s awesome. She got us to class.”

Rudy was even ten minutes early to his class. Rudy's tweet now has over 250,000 views on Twitter.