LSU researchers signed a licensing deal with Skymount Medical over a year ago. Now, the partnership has begun human trials for a COVID-19 treatment.

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The LSU Deepdrug team and Skymount Medical have partnered to discover treatments for COVID-19 using artificial intelligence.

Even though the partnership began just over a year ago, human studies have already begun for the COVID-19 treatment, SM-19.

Both organizations designed SM-19 to be effective against variants of COVID-19 and limit the virus's symptoms. 

LSU graduate Adam Bess is a part of the LSU DeepDrug team and has high goals for the treatment.

"The whole goal is to, you know, not lower the curve but to keep people out of the hospitals and keep hospitals open for people who will really need it," Bess says.

Eventually, SM-19 will be widely available, and is expected to become and over-the-counter treatment. To stay updated on the LSU DeepDrug team, visit