Homecoming is more than just special activities, concerts, events and a game to many alumni. It's a time to return home.

LSU Alumni Association Advertising Sales Representative and former LSU student Emily Johnson graduated last year and credits LSU homecoming for making a big impact on her experience.

“Homecoming for me was actually why I got super involved as a student at LSU,” Johnson said. “When I started as a freshman in 2015, that was my first homecoming. I'm actually from Connecticut, and it's not a big deal there at all."

Johnson soon became more involved in volunteering for homecoming week by holding executive positions, including parade chair in 2016 and overall chair in 2017. 

Although homecoming week has always been a big deal to students and alumni, it wasn't always celebrated in the same way. 

Back in 1976, members of fraternities would take a date to the homecoming game, and give their date a corsage to wear with their game day outfit. 

Alumnus and Assistant Vice-President of Advancement, Tracy Jones, reminisced about his humorous experience with his date.

"Back then, there was a build-up to finding out what your date was going to wear to the game to find out what color she was wearing so you could get a corsage for her to wear,” Jones said. “I bought her a corsage to wear, and it stained her brand new corduroy jacket,” Rhodes continued. “We never went out again after that."

Even though there have been changes throughout the years, many graduates hold the memories they had at LSU close to their hearts. 

Graduate of 2014 and Alumni Engagement Chapters Manager discussed the special pull that keeps graduates coming back year after year.

"There's something about LSU,” Rhodes said. “It's just like a magnet that calls people back and it always brings people back, and everybody loves an excuse to come back to campus. I think homecoming gives everybody a great reason to say, ‘Oh well I have to go back,’” Rhodes continued.

While alumni will be returning to campus to remember their LSU experience, students will be making homecoming memories of their own.