LSU has a new way for students to get around campus; electric bikes.

Walking on campus is sometimes exhausting in the heat under the Louisiana sun.

LSU teamed up with the app called "Gotcha", where students rent electric bikes to make their way to classes quicker. They can also use the bikes for fun with friends.

This new recreational activity allows for students to get outdoors on their free time, while promoting exercise.

All students have to do is download the free "Gotcha" app and insert their phone number, credit card number, and scan their driver's license. From there students can automatically connect to bikes after scanning the code.

LSU freshman, Amara McKay, enjoys riding the new bikes as an alternative to walking around campus.

"I really like the new bikes on campus because it's a lot easier to get around other than walking and it's a shorter distance and they're fun," McKay said.

The electric bikes have been a huge success according to students this semester, and LSU is hopeful these bikes will benefit everyone.