The lower number of students on campus because of LSU's hybrid learning model makes the Union seem almost empty, even during its busiest hours. 

Smoothie King employee Paidon Gravois has seen a change in how long customers stay at the Union. 

“I feel like a lot of people after they would get their meals or their smoothies, they would go and sit and enjoy their smoothies with their friends," she said. "Well now, I kind of just see someone get a smoothie and then leave the Union completely.”

Additionally, freshman attendees are replacing upperclassmen who would normally be at the Union.

“I feel like the people who are coming are mostly freshmen now. People who live off campus, I feel like, are avoiding the Union,” Gravois said. “Not to say that there isn’t anyone that’s upperclassman not coming, I just feel like it’s more freshman than it normally would be, or those who live on campus.”

Gravois doesn’t predict an increase in student attendance at the Union anytime soon. 

However, she understands the restrictions put in place, like the plexiglass sneeze guards, at various Union restaurants.