The number of teachers in Louisiana is dropping, and the number of education students at LSU is dropping as well.

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The number of filled teacher positions in Louisiana is dropping drastically, and it continues to drop as less college students pursue education. 

A survey by the LSU School of Education's Office of Educational Research shows the main reasons for the decline in teachers is stress over time, trust and safety.

Pay was also a concern for teachers.

The number of students enrolled in the LSU School of Education shows that the result is a decline in education majors, as they have had a 57% decline in education students in the last decade. 

Students in the past were discouraged from majoring in education from their parents.

Now, teachers are discouraging students from becoming teachers because they are discouraged with their own working conditions. 

Associate Director of the LSU School of Education Richard Baker says teachers are feeling the rewards of being an educator through their impact on students. 

"When you go home at night, you know what good you did that day," Baker says. "You do know what child you helped that day. You don't have to think about it. You don't have to sleep on it. You know you did some good in the life of a student, and that is one of the rewards.”

Baker says because the need for teachers in Louisiana is so large, education students are guaranteed a job when they get to graduation. 

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