Over the next two weeks the Public Policy Research Lab at LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication will be releasing the results of the 2019 Louisiana Survey. 

The survey is used to determine residents opinions’ on the issues of today. This year is particularly important because of the upcoming legislative session.

The first report found 47% of Louisiana residents say the state is heading in the right direction, compared to 39% last year. Residents would like to see more change in with education and transportation. The second report revealed two thirds of residents are willing to take on a new tax to solve some problems. 

“The is a lot of support for a 5 cent increase in the gas tax because people are connecting the dots,”  Director of LSU’s Public Policy Research Lab, Dr. Michael Henderson said. “They care about transportation, but they also say it’s been getting worse in the last few years. So they are willing to support an investment of new revenue into trying to solve those problems.”

The second half of the reports will focus on hot topics like teacher pay raises, minimum wage, and criminal justice reform. For the detailed report go to pprllsu.com/projects .