Since Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville police in March, protests have erupted across the country. After images of armed Black protesters in Louisville surfaced, Clay Higgins, a Congressmen from Lafayette, made a Facebook post threatening these protesters.

In the post, Higgins makes several threatening statements addressed towards protesters if they were to come armed in Louisiana. The post has since been removed by Facebook and condemned by other Louisiana politicians.

Louisiana residents who are supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, such as LSU Professor David Stamps, were disturbed by the comments coming from someone in a position of power in the state.

“It’s painful to see someone who’s been given this leadership role, who’s been given this social capital and this agency, and who has arguably pledged to serve their constituents and their community, say such vile things,” said Stamps. 

Students and faculty at LSU have continued to partake in Black Lives Matter protests in the recent weeks as the movement continues across the country.