The not so loved Kirby Smith dorm is officially not in use anymore this year, with plans to be imploded. A former resident shares her story.

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When people speak of Kirby Smith, usually not so good things are said. But there was a time when Kirby was in its prime. The dorm has now seen many issues over the years; broken elevators, a/c going out, even ladybug infestations. 

"Second semester whenever we left for winter break, we came back and had a ladybug infestation. They were all over the floors, walls and ever our beds." said former Kirby resident Amber Guidry. 

The dorm that was once a luxury, and very loved, has now gained the nickname "Krusty Kirby". Due to the dorms age, the building has withered down. To keep the dorm open, it would have to undergo a huge renovation for people to live in again. 

Kirby has been closed down twice, once in 2006, opened again in 2011. Then again in 2019. Now, Kirby Smith, along with Acadian, Herget, and Miller Hall, are all soon to be closed for good, demolished and the land will be done for further use on campus, the only question now is when?