Joe Judy has been in the wood-working business for over 20 years. He is the owner of Exoteric Furniture, a shop off of Florida Boulevard. There, he builds anything from booths and chairs to bar tops to household furniture and even small decorations.

The first piece of furniture he ever built was a bed frame for his girlfriend and him at the time. The story of how he built it is a unique one.

“We didn’t have much money, so I went out late one night and scoured the suburbs for a housing development. I stole all of the wood I needed and came home with just hand tools and figured it out. And yeah, I made a bed," Judy said. 

Judy has lived in Baton Rouge for 35 years and has made his mark on many places in the city. He has completed projects for local establishments such as Duvic’s, Tiger Deauxnuts, Cecilia Bistro, and a few brand new locations close to campus.

He says seeing all of his work around town is very gratifying, from both a business and artistic point of view. Since he already has several works on display, he jokes that he may even be able to get into the tourism business.

“I started thinking that I can now do a 'Joe Judy Tour of Booths.' Like I can start going now that I have enough of them," Judy said.

Judy hopes that one day, he will have enough of his work displayed around Baton Rouge to have an influence on the feel of the entire city.

You can see Judy’s latest work featured at Mid Tap, a self-serving tap room that recently opened at Arlington Marketplace on Burbank.