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While some students spent Covid-19 quarantine making TikToks and binging Netflix, one group came together to kick off their dreams.

These five LSU students decided to pursue their passion for music while working toward their degrees. 

LSU students Josh Rovira, JJ Hidalgo, Jacques Dupassage, Evan Hendry and Jack Bidleman created a band called Hotel Burgundy.

“We’ve actually known each other since high school, the three of us, and we got to meet JJ and Jack throughout freshman year of undergrad," Rovira said. "It just clicked. We started jamming together and we decided to make a band.”

The band got its start in Hidalgo’s garage during quarantine last year, and their first performance was at an engagement party in August 2020. 

With classes back on campus and Hotel Burgundy getting more gigs, these guys are busier than ever. Still, they are finding a way to balance school, jobs, social lives and their music.

“There’s a lot of stress involved with it, but I think so far, at least, we’ve been keeping our heads above the water and getting everything balanced,” Rovira said.

Their schedules may be overwhelming, but the payoff is worth it.

“My favorite part of being a musician is looking out over the crowd and seeing everyone just getting into what we’re doing," Hidalgo said. "That’s where I feel like I get a lot of my energy from.”

The band shared their advice to college students who wish to pursue their dreams. Bidlemen said that everything will work out if you stay true to yourself. 

“Just do what you enjoy, and if you stop loving it, stop doing it,” Dupassage said.

The band has a demo out now and plans to release an original album soon titled “Embrace the Space.”

Local music lovers can catch Hotel Burgundy on Sept. 18 at the Revelry on Highland Road.