As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, local artists are beginning to see the long term effects the lockdown is having on their income as venues stay closed. Many artists are remaining positive, however, finding creative ways to promote their music and taking the time to learn more about the entertainment industry.

Baton Rouge rapper, D Suggs, took this time to learn more about the music business that he is working to become successful in, saying, "I just used the time that we had to kind of take a break. You know, I think the last song I dropped was in July or June. And I used the time to kind of like perfect my craft and work on outside ways to build yourself a market. So I studied ways to not only market your music, but like, your brand.”

Another artist that is making the most out of a challenging time is Louisiana native Joe Bryson that recently moved to Nashville, saying, "“Creatively, I’ve definitely learned a lot more about the business, the publishing side of things and getting into song writing, record labels and management side of things. Because I’m actually studying that at Middle Tennessee, so it’s kind of like really worked out, like kind of come full circle.”

Some artists, while understanding safety is the top priority and trying to remain positive, are concerned about what the long-term effects will be on the industry and whether they can continue to have music as a primary source of income. "The money thing is hard on everybody in the industry, because you know everything is closed and we’re just not able to practice our passions the same way that we were before, in a way that supported our lifestyles, and just supported us at all you know?" says Cassidy Louis, a New Orleans singer-songwriter. 

With the global pandemic still ongoing, many are waiting to see what artists will come up with next in terms of creative output as well as finding new ways to survive financially on their music career. 

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